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National Pickle Day!

Hello, there! I’ve been working away, promoting my book, The Longest, Darkest Night!, a wonderful illustrated children’s book about the winter solstice, nature and a lunar eclipse. Suddenly, a few days ago, my Google calendar pinged up, “WARNING! National Pickle Day approaches!” National Pickle Day? NATIONAL PICKLE DAY! This made...
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The Longest, Darkest Night! Second Edition just released!

Dateline: Bickleton, WA September 2020 I heard from a Pacific Northwest home school mom today about how much she enjoyed reading, "The Longest, Darkest Night! to her son during the smoky days of September. “The dark sky and odd colored sun was sort of like a lunar eclipse,” she said.....
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My Wonderful Book’s Sweet Review from Publisher’s Weekly!

The Longest, Darkest Night! review by BookList The Longest Darkest Night Book Cover The Longest, Darkest Night is an illustrated children’s story about the wonders of nature, celestial cycles and the “humanness” of animals. This tale of wonder is perfect for ages 4-10. It is NOW AVAILABLE as an e-book...
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